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SW 185th TC
Willow Creek/SW 185th (Avenue) Transit Center is the full name of this station too long to appear on any signs. A few trains accessing the yard at Elmonica (one stop before) do terminate at this stop, most coming from the red line and display 'Willow Creek TC' barely on their destination signs. The stop has a single island platform with a blue canopy structure (like those at so many other stations) in the middle of it. Access is mainly from pedestrian grade-crossings at either end of the platforms that lead to the transit center's bus loop north of the tracks with 6 regular bus routes and some shuttles. Beyond the Bus loops is a center for Portland Community College. Just west of the bus loop is the station's very large 595 space park and ride lot that rarely fills. The area in front of the bus loop is populated with concrete furniture that looks a bit like couches, all part of "Living Room." There is an additional exit from the eastern grade crossing to a walkway south of the tracks that leads to nearby houses and Lisa Court and Baseline Road.
All Photos taken on 19 October, 2011
The walkway to Baseline Road
Type-2 SD660 #231 stopped for Hillsboro the bus stops of the transit center it doesn't platform along
The 'Living Room' for passengers waiting for buses
The Hillsboro-bound track
More thrones of the 'Living Room'
The Park & Ride lot beyond the bus loop
A utility building and more of the 'Living Room'
There is a coffee table too in the 'Living Room'
A Type-4 train for the City Center has entered
Home<Pacific Northwest<MAX Light Rail<Willow Creek/SW 185th Avenue Transit Center
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