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SE 12th
Washington-SE 12th Avenue is the first stop located on the private railroad ROW that was reclaimed from the route first constructed by the Oregon Electric Railway and purchased from BN in 1994. The stop has two side platforms with the only entrances from SE 12th Avenue which is the first gate and lighted grade crossing of the line as it leaves the center of Hillsboro and becomes a higher speed railway line. Each platform has concrete lampposts and a small metal canopy with a bench and TVM beneath it.
All Photos taken on 19 October, 2011
Approaching the end of Washington Street and the station
The crossing gates go down, No Left Turn sign illuminates, a train is approaching
The stop has two simple side platforms
Leaves cover the platform shaded by trees
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Portland MAX on the SubwayNut

Last Updated: 19 January, 2012
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