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Union Station/NW 5th & Gilsan is the first southbound stop after trains go over the Steel Bridge and the transit mall's separate directional running through downtown begins. The stop is a sidewalk stop on the east side of 6th Avenue with the tactile warning strip on the sidewalk running from NW Hoyt Street to NW Glisan Street right alongside the back of the Portland Greyhound Station. Union Station for Amtrak service is one block north. The only amenity is a single, small modern shelter with a glass awning covering one bench and metal station signs. The sister station is Union Station/NW 6th and Hoyt.

With the opening of the Orange Line on September 12, 2015, the station became the stop where Southbound Yellow Line trains 'become' Orange Line trains as they head into Downtown Portland, since the two routes interline with each other
Photos 1-9 taken 16 October, 2011; 10-11: 8 March, 2018

Union Station
 down NW 5th & Crouch 
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The edge of the platforms shelter and the tower of the station
A wide angle view of the platform
The Rail yards just north of the station. There is also a light rail layover loop
Type-3 LRV #318 leaves the Steel Bridge bound for City Center
Type-3 LRV #318 approaches the station to enter
A train enters for a few passengers, free to its terminus at PSU
Across from the NW 5th and Gleasen Station, an Orange Bullet has replaced a Yellow Bullet.
A TVM on the wet platform with a remember to Tap sign
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Portland MAX on the SubwayNut

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