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Skidmore Fountain is located along 1 Avenue on a section where the street is only open to LRVs. Most of the stop is nested in an underpass beneath Burnside Street and the entrance to the Burnside Bridge. The platforms are just on the sidewalk with some TVMs and signposts no other canopies (the location in an underpass provides enough covering) and there is a neon sign for the Portland Saturday Market along the Eastbound platform since it is located here. A staircase leads up to either side (one from each platform) of the Burnside Bridge. There is also a low single chain on posts separating the platforms.
Photos 1-3 taken on 5 July, 2006; 4-10 on 16 October, 2011
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Type 2 LRV #240 a one car evening Yellow Line train to City Center has just stopped at Skidmore Fountain
A Westbound Red Line train of two Type 2 LRVs (#226 is one) bound for Airport runs down 1st Avenue, with the Eastbound ROW rejoing it
Type 2 LRV #240 bound for City Center passing Ash Street on 3rd Avenue
Type 3 LRV #326 stops at the station
The station is beneath underpass beneath the entrance to the Burnside Bridge
The overpass of the Burnside Bridge
A staircase up to the Burnside Bridge from a station platform
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Portland MAX on the SubwayNut

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