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188th Ave
Rockwood/E 188th Avenue has been very recently modernized and rebuilt with the new station configuration opening in May 2011. All the signs are in the new blue background TheSans font design. The original station had the standard design like every other in the median of Burnside Street, offset platforms so trains stop after they cross the intersection of E 188th Avenue. The former City Center-bound platform has been fully rebuilt and incorporated into the new platform, the concrete of the Gresham-bound platform has been moved across the street since the new station consists of two side platforms that begin (with their only entrances) along the western side of the intersection with 188th Avenue. It only had a legal entrance from the rear of the platform at the intersection, there wasn't a secondary pedestrian crosswalk that the other stops have. The Gresham-bound platform was from today's platform, it had a secondary crosswalk as well (Google Street View of the Station, Image Date: August 2007) and the former small waiting area with brick walls at the end of the platform has been rebuilt into a shed. There is also a single old prohibited activities sign on a traffic light in the island at the intersection that was the former entrance. The concrete of the platform has been removed and now its lots of dirt.

The modern platforms begin with their only entrances from the east side of the crosswalks of E 188th Avenue, here are iconic entrance areas above the ramps up to the actual platforms. There are artful orange roofs that cover the short ramps and in this is area are the only TVMs. The top of the orange roofs each have two sets set of needles that look like those on a porcupine with small lights on the end. Passengers at the station commented to me that they look absolutely hideous, perhaps a little better at night when their illuminated by lights at the tips. This artwork is Rockwood Sunrise by Dan Carson, the needles are "35 to 58 feet high and span 46 to 80 feet wide." The tips are illuminated as trains arrive and depart the station. (TriMet, Rockwood/188th Ave and Civic Dr Stations, Source)
All photos taken on 18 October, 2011
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Sign for an apartment complex near the station
Approaching the construction zone that has built the station with its needle roofs
Type-1 #101 starts to leave
Type-2 #238 passes the remains of the former Gresham-bound platform, a wide stretch of bare dirt and a brick shed
Type-2 #238 passes the former platform with Mt. Hood making an appearance
The station's decorative roofs
A close-up of the decorative roofs
Looking across the grade crossing at the station
The TVM at the entrance to the Gresham-bound platform
Three shelters on the wide City Center-bound platform
Looking up at a platform sign
The stations extremely distinctive entrances
Approaching the western end of the Gresham-bound platform
Between the layers of needles
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