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PSU South/SW 6th & College opened as an 'infill' station of sorts on the MAX Green and Yellow Lines, the original terminus of the MAX Green and Yellow Lines was two blocks north at the PSU Urban Center when the line opened on August 30, 2009 but trains passed through this station area to reach the turn around loop just south of Jackson Street on opening day. This station wasn't completed due to the redevelopment of the block between this station and it's sister station PSU South/SW 5th & Jackson with the two stops finally opening on September 2, 2012, extending passenger service two blocks south. The opening of the MAX Orange Line on September 12, 2015, extended service south of this station, with Orange Line trains operating using through running with the Yellow Line. Most Orange Line trains become Yellow Line trains just south of this station (after leaving Lincoln Street/SW 3rd Avenue, before entering this station. Green Line trains originate at this station from the track loop with two through siding tracks for trains laying over just south of the station. Originally this loop had three siding tracks, but the furthest siding track was reconfigured to become the northbound Orange Line track.

This station is a sidewalk platform on SW 6th Avenue running from Jackson Street to the South to College Street to the north. The platform has two silver awnings that are directly attached to the PSU University Pointe at College Station building.
Photos 1-12 taken 16 October, 2011; 13-21: 8 March, 2018

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The tracks along the construction site where the station will be
Looking across the street to the tracks
A train is in the turn-around loop
Crossing to the walkway along the turn-around loop, still open during construction
Sign of pedestrian access along the walkway around the pedestrian loop
Type-2 LRV #247 stopped in the station
Type-1 LRV #121 leaves the turn-around loop for another trip up to Expo Center
Type-1 LRV #121 keeps leaving the turn-around loop
Looking into the 3 tracked turn-around loop
Looking across Jackson Street at a Green Line train terminating in it's loop
LRV-4 #401 terminating
The wooden underside of an on platform awning and PSU South sign
On the side of the new building
LRV-4 #419 enters to begin another Green Line trip to Clackamas
A TVM and next MAX sign beneath an awning built into City Point
A TVM and next MAX sign
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