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Sumner TC
Parkrose Sumner Transit Center is the first stop on the red line's branch and is located in the median of I-205. The stop consists of a single island platform with two canopies along it. Both of these have windscreens along portions of them providing some protection from the wind. These windscreens have blue designs on them and beneath one of them are two steel armchairs designed to be inspired as traveling and the other is a dining room table and chairs for domestic life. These are by Peter Reiquam. Access to the platform is from the eastern (northern end) where a pedestrian crossing leads across the Airport-bound track and then turns to a ramp to the Fishbird Bridge by Ed Carpenter that forms a unique artistic overpass across the northbound lanes of I-205. (Red Line Art) This leads to the bus bays for five TriMet Lines plus one C-Tran line to Vancouver, WA on the edge of a 193 space park & ride that is between the entrance to the bridge across to the platform and Sandy Blvd.
All Photos taken on 16 October, 2011
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A platform sign
These are the signs for the two station platforms, no arrows for them
The benches for the Arport-bound side of the platform are designed to evoke traveling
The ramp to the bridge across I-205 and the station exit
Crossing the Airport-bound track to leave the station
On the bridge over I-205
Arriving at the plaza for the entrance to the station where the TVMs are
The bridge across I-205
Looking across the highway to the station
The Transit Center
The entrance to the bridge across to the platform
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