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SE Water
OMSI/SE Water Station is located just beyond the east end of the Tilikum Crossing that trains use to cross the Willamette River. The station has two tracks that run along the sides of the busway that leads to the Tilikum Crossing, the station has two 'island' platforms, these are shared with buses and run between SE Water Avenue and SE 2nd Place. SE 2nd Place is not a through street with only bicycles and pedestrians allowed to cross the tracks at this end of the station. The platforms each have 3 combined solar panel/shelter structures. On the outside of the light rail tracks (seperated by a fence) are bike lanes and sidewalk leading up to the Tilikum Crossing multi-use paths.

The Portland A and B-Loop Streetcars curve north off the Light Rail tracks just beyond the west end of the station and stop at SE Water/OMSI just north of the station, just east and parallel to the northern half of SE 2nd Place that is split into two by the station. The streetcar station has an island platform with it's usual design of one shelter for passengers riding in each direction. The streetcars then follow their own private ROW, over the Union Pacific Railroad Line before resuming on street running north along SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Just east of the station is the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, this railroad museum houses a variety of historic cars, some visible from the station.
All photos taken on 8 March, 2018
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Streetcar #001 approaches the station at the end of the Tilikum Crossing as dawn breaks
Streetcar #001 waits pauses before curving off the light rail tracks
A Tri-Met bus also approaches with it's own designated lane to stop in before the streetcar line crosses the busway
Streetcar #001 crosses in front of a bus
Streetcar #001 crosses in front of a bus and Light Rail train stopped in the station
A Streetcar on Loop B curves off the light rail tracks
Type-1 LRV #125 leaves the station and enters the bridge
Type-1 LRV #125 continues onto the bridge leaving the station and a bus in the distance
Type-1 LRV #101 approaches the station enters
Type-1 LRV #101 enters
The Streetcar switching off the Light Rail just before the station
The bike paths/pedestrian crosswalk over the streetcar tracks and access to the streetcar platform
The start of the streetcar platform
The ramp up around a curve to the streetcar platform
On the sidewalk/bike lane across from the station
TVMs at the platform entrances, shared with buses
The western platform entrance and streetcar platform
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