SW 4th Ave
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Mall/SW 4th Avenue is the connection point to the transit mall and the southbound Green and Yellow Lines on 5th Avenue at Pioneer Place. It is a sidewalk station on the north sidewalk of Yamhill Street between 4th and 5th Ave. The sidewalk is more substantial with two canopies along the platform of the green steal, a glass roof and little gold leaning loops, each of these also has a TVM although the station is in the free fare zone. The sister station is exactly one bock north at SW 5th Avenue.
Photos 1-3 taken on 5 July, 2006 and 4-10 on 16 October, 2011
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Type 3 LRV #307 stops at Mall/SW 4th Ave on an evening red line run to the Airport
Type 3 LRV #307 stops at Mall/SW 4th Ave
A nighttime view of the shelter at Mall/SW 4th Ave
Approaching the platform station
One of two canopies on the platform
A Train on the yellow or green line along the mall passes in the background of the Mall Station
Type 3 LRV #322 approaches
Type 3 #322 makes its station stop
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