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Galleria/SW 10th Avenue is a unidirectional sidewalk level station on the south side of Morrison Street between SW 9th and 10th Avenues. It is the last stop in the Free Rail Zone (called Fareless Square when it also applied to buses until 2009) The platform is just a sidewalk with a tactile warning strip, a few station signs and information panels and TVMs. There are no further amenities but a parking garage along the platform that overhangs the sidewalk provides some shelter for waiting passengers. The stop provides connections to the Portland Streetcar on 10th and 11th Avenuess. The stop was the original terminus of the MAX when it opened in 1986 to Cleveland Avenue in Gresham until it was extended in 1997 to Kings Hill Southwest Salmon and then through the West Hills out to Hillsboro. A turn around loop with two tracks down to Library/SW 9th Ave exists south along SW 11th Avenue. This loop was last used in general service by the Yellow Line from its opening in 2004 until its 2009 reroute on the new tracks along the Portland Transit Mall.
All Photos taken on 10 October, 2011
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Type 3 LRV #302 at the back of a two car Blue Line train for Hillsboro stops at Pioneer Square North
Passegners board Type 2 LRV #206 a Blue Line train for Hillsboro at Pioneer Square North
The doors have closed on Type 2 LRV #206 at Pioneer Square North so it can continue on a blue line train to Hillsboro
Repainted Type 1 LRV #111 stops at Pioneer Square North
Type 2 LRV #240 bound for City Center, that will terminate at the next station leaves Pioneer Square North
Type 3 LRV #313 leads a Red Line train bound for Beaverton T.C. runs down SW Morrison crossing SW Park Avenue near Pioneer Square
The simple tactile warning stip along the platform
TVMs on the platform with their and the furnature of Pioneer Square beyond
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Portland MAX on the SubwayNut

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