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Expo Center is the current terminus of the Interstate MAX yellow line. The Columbia River Crossing in the environmental study phase and will extend the Light Rail over to Hayden Island and across the Columbia River into Vancouver Washington as part of a new bridge in conjunction with I-5, construction is to begin in 2013. For MAX, today's terminus consists of three tracks, an island platform is between two of them with a side platform for the other. Small LED signs along the platforms inform riders the track of the next train to leave. Each platform has two of the yellow line's red canopies and they are connected beyond the bumper blocks for each track that exists just north of the platforms and at the opposite end of the station where the tracks switch and become two for the remainder of the expo line's route. The station is located on the opposite side of the parking lots from the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center, between the parking lots and I-5. The Parking Lots can be used for free TriMet parking if passengers arrive before 10:00am Monday through Friday, otherwise the center's $8.00 per space fee is charged. The artwork at the station is a memorial and remembrance to the Japanese Relocation during World War II in the Portland area by Valerie Otani. Most prominent are Traditional Japanese timber gates. Hanging from them are replications of 'internee ID tags'. The story of the inland relocations are on the sides of these gates told through newspaper clippings of the era etched in steel. Bronze trunks provide seating on the platform (Public Art on MAX Yellow Line).
All photos taken on 19 October, 2011
 down Delta Park Vanport  
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Stepping off of a just arriving train
The bumper blocks
The remains of a now broken bumper block, did a train crash?
Type 3 LRV #318 stopped at the station
The Japanese relocation memorial
Two LRVs in the station
The story of Japanese relocation is told through etched newspaper clippings
Type 3 LRV #318 stopped in the station
Looking down the island platform
A platform sign
Map of the World War Two prohibited area
Luggage benches to symbolize the movement from homes
Type 3 LRV #325
Another view of Type 3 LRV #325
Type 3 LRV #325 stopped in the station
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