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Beaverton Transit Center has three tracks on the north side of the bus loop that is the terminus of the 11 bus routes that serve the Transit Center, with the WES commuter rail platform on the south side of the buses. The track layout is designed with through Blue Line trains with a side platform using the north track, a low chain fence, red line trains using the middle track to terminate that has an island platform and then Portland-bound blue line trains stop on the south track opening doors on both sides to another side platform (3 platforms in total for 3 tracks). Each platform has a simple green canopy with some windscreen benches. The north track's side platform is along a small access Trains cross Lombard Avenue to the west just before entering the station.
Photos 1-7 taken on 5 July, 2006, 8-10 on 17 October, 2011, 11-12 on 18 October, 2011, 13-22 on 19 October, 2011
MAX Light Rail Platforms|WES Commuter Rail Platform
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Repainted Type 1 High-Floor LRV #111 stops at Beaverton TC at the back of a Hillsboro-bound Blue Line Train passing Type 3 Low-Floor LRV #327, a red line train on layover on the center track
A platform sign on the Blue Line Hillsboro bound platform at Beaverton TC with a Blue Line train in the station
Type 3 LRV #327 idols at Beaverton TC, with Type 1 LRV #111 in service bound for Hillsboro stopping at Beaverton TC
Looking down the Blue Line Gresham-bound platform at Beaverton TC
Type 3 LRV #323 idols at Beaverton TC before beginning it's red line run to the Airport
Looking across Beaverton TC Station to the bus-loop and the Tri-Met structure canopy
The Amount of time until the next trains at Beaverton TC
Type-2 LRVs #218 and #219 both stopped in the station
Looking down the tracks from one of the station overpasses
The secondary staircase up to the street, the railing is peeling paint
A canopy and train stopped in the station
Sign for City Center and a small sign for Please, only passengers with paid fare on platform level. Thank You. So do fines apply here or not?
The plaza with bus stops above the platforms
Looking up the side platform for Hillsboro-bound trains
Gates from the Hillsboro-bound platform across to the rest of the transit center
Looking down to the station platforms from above the platforms and tracks from Lombard Avenue
The large Bike and Ride covered parking area
Buses inside their bus loop
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MAX Light Rail Platforms|WES Commuter Rail Platform
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