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Garwood is the only stop on the Raritan Valley Line that many trains bypass. Only about half of the weekday trips stopping at the station and only two trips on weekends. It lacks any official NJ Transit Parking. The station is extremely simple with two very short low-level side platforms that each contain a single bus shelter. The Newark-bound platform contains a recently installed in June 2011 TVM in its shelter. The station has the capacity for five tracks but only two are in New Jersey Transit use. These are the two second to northernmost tracks on the Raritan-bound side of the ROW and have a fence running between them. This means that the Newark-bound side actually has two low-level side platforms. One is along the edge of the ROW and a simple concrete walkway crosses over an abandoned looking freight track, before arriving at a simple and short low-level platform with just a yellow line and no amenities. All signage is along the actual and not new side platform. Access to the platforms is primarily up a staircase to each platform from the east side of the underpass of Walnut/Center Street (its name changes). This bridge is painted green with the Welcome to Garwood sign. This is the only legal way to reach the Newark-bound platform but there is also a fence with a gate that leads to the parking lot of a strip-mall (no parking for train riders). The Raritan-bound platform has an additional shorter staircase that leads down to a bicycle rack and a small parking lot that is not for rail passengers has signs say. The Raritan-bound platform looks like it is also on a former track bed since the underpass has room for it too to cross and appears to be there were once five tracks at this station.
All Photos taken on 7 January, 2013

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Walking into the shopping center parking lot along the Newark-bound platform, there is no normal platform entrance (a gate)
The line is on slightly elevated from this parking lot
On Union Avenue approaching the station
Welcome to Garwood Signs approaching the station
Staircase and Garwood signs
The one staircase up to the Newark-bound platform
The usual RVL lettering on the overpasses welcoming you to Garwood
The original New York-bound platform
The actual boarding platform is on what should be the Newark-bound express track, trains now use the Raritan-bound express track
A rusty track is along the platform that actually has the lampposts and benches
The rusty unused track along the Garwood Platform
A Raritan-bound train approaches the station
ALP46A #4006 enters the station to bypass it
ALP46A #4006 continues to enter bypassing
ALP46A #4006 leads a bypassing train to Raritan, its running relatively slowly because it must wait for a Newark-bound train
The MLVs pass the Newark-bound tiny platform
A bypassing train crosses the four track green overpass bridge
The MLVs roll on through the station
MLV #7014 is the last car of a bypassing train
MLV #7014 brings up the markers of a six car MLV train
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