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White Plains is the most important, busiest stop on the Harlem Line. Nearly every Harlem Line train serves the station except for a few peak direction rush hour trips (2 in the AM Peak, and 4 in the PM peak, plus trains that terminate short of White Plains primarily at Crestwood). No trains originate or terminate at White Plains, all local trains terminate at North White plains one stop north, that most off-peak express trains also serve, making either this station or North White Plains the station for intermediate riders to transfer at. The station is located in conjunction with the Bee-Line Buses' TransCenter, their most major hub, located on the ground floor of the main parking garage.

The station is located on an elevated embankment with Hamilton Avenue and Main Street at it's southern end and running north. For trains the station has two tracks and two platforms. The main platform is an island platform that is extremely wide. Station services are on this platform, including the main waiting area, restrooms, and the ticket office, open daily from 6:00am to 9:00pm. There is also a side platform only along the normal northbound track that serves as an exit platform, trains open their doors on both sides and the entrances to this platform have no entry signs. The station is fully ADA accessible. Both platforms are entirely covered by brown canopies. The island platform's columns are designed to look like bricks (that is also the design of the walls that aren't windows of the station buildings located on the platform).
Photos 1-7: 20 June, 2005; 15 September, 2015; 8-15: 2 November, 2013; 16-27: 15 September, 2015

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M7a #4036 on the back of a local bound North White Plains leaves White Plains.
M7a #4036 on the back of a local bound North White Plains has left White Plains.
A platform sign at White Plains, for some reason the top line is black the color designated for terminals, not blue for the Harlem Line.
Looking down the side platform on the northbound track at White Plains
A northbound train of M7a's (#4007 is the first car) enters White Plains as a local to Southeast
A northbound train of M7a's (#4007 is the first car) enters White Plains as a local to Southeast
M7a #4007 enters White Plains
Shoreliner #6223 leads the Saturday morning inbound through diesel train from Wassiac into White Plains
Shoreliner #6223 continues leading a train into Wassaic
Shoreliner #6223 continues to enter
Shoreliners stop on one of the through trains from Wassaic
The Naugatuck Valley is the rear-most car of this dual-mode train from Wassaic
P32AC-DM #225 pushes a Grand Central-bound dual-mode train out of White Plains, next stop 125th
P32AC-DM #225 continues leaving, the 9:25am to Grand Central
P32AC-DM #225 fades into the fall foliage beyond White Plains
The main waiting room near the stairs up to an overpass to the parking garage
The main enclosed entrance area with an internal set of doors into the ticket office
Sign for the stairs to the parking garage
The elevator is inside this enclosed area in the middle of the island platform
Restrooms inside the middle platform area
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