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Valhalla is the first stop after the White Plains Stations on the Harlem Line. The station is minor stop, shown by the fact that it receives hourly base service, but many of the extra half-hourly off-peak trains that leave Southeast on off hours skip the station. The station's original 1890 station house is nestled beginning at the northern side of the grade crossing of Cleveland Street, between the tracks and the Bronx River Parkway that intersects Cleveland Street at an at-grade intersection with a traffic light. The station house is now a restaurant with a dining car and caboose attached to the depot.

The current station, a high-level platform for electrification that began in 1984 is much less customer friendly than the original low-level platforms. This is due to rimarily due to track curves in the station area. The station is only accessible from Cleveland Street by walking 400 feet, past the historic depot to a tiny drop off area with some ADA parking spaces nestled between the tracks and Bronx River Parkway, from here a single staircase and elevator lead to a short overpass where TVMs are located, to another elevator at the extreme end of the platform and staircase down to the new high-level platform. This platform is short and narrow. It can only accommodate 6 cars ending beneath the overpass of Legion Drive that lacks a staircase down. On the platform amenities are minimal: a canopy is attached to the enclosed staircase for a car length, then there is a small and narrow waiting shelter.

The station's 196 parking spaces are located across Cleveland Street to the south, nestled between the tracks and Bronx River Parkway here.
All Photos: 23 October, 2015

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Looking across the Bronx River Parkway at the 1890 depot turned restaurant
The blur of a car on the Bronx River Parkway and only station entrance beyond
The restaurant and historic depot
The grade crossing at the station
Looking past the depot where the low-level platform once was and modern high-level island platform in the distance
The narrow driveway that is the only entrance to the station, the only nearby parking spaces are the accessible ones
Only a low stone wall divides the station from the narrow Bronx River Parkway
Three ADA parking spaces and barely a drop off area at the station entrance
The tiny drop-off area nestled between the tracks and Bronx River Parkway
The stairs up to the platform
The modern Metro-North Valhalla sign
The elevator has just a narrow sidewalk to it
View from the pedestrian bridge of the short platforms and curvy tracks
Depot view from the overpass
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<Harlem Line<Valhalla
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