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Tremont (along with its sister station Melrose) is one of the two stations in the South Bronx that has never been given the chance to have decent ridership meaning many riders who might live closer to the station and be reverse-commuters will use Fordham, 1 mile north instead. The stop has off-peak service only every two hours and peak service a bit more frequently. From July 2013 until May 2014 the rebuilding project of the line through the Bronx, reducing the number of in service tracks from 4 to 3discontinued all service to Tremont and Melrose with dedicated shuttle buses. The reason was to speed trains through the work area. The Bx41-SBS stops one block west of the Station on Webster Avenue and directly alongside the Fordham station with just one intermediate stop and would have been a better cross-honor alternative.

In March 2005 I wrote about the station as: Tremont is a station located in the South Bronx that has definitely seen better days. The station itself has two narrow side platforms that can accomidate four cars, each with a single bench, and Recycling Center, there are no canopies on the platform. The station's single TWM is located at Tremont Avenue as well as a pay phone in a small shelter but the platforms are reached by walking down Park Avenue (each direction of the street is on each sides of the open-cut), to the station entrances which are one block away at 176 Street, this street has no overpass over the tracks. The entrances both consist wooden staircases of 6 steps that have tiny canopies. The station at one time clearly had entrances directly from Tremont Avenue.

Since 2005 the station has been rebuilt into a more modern station albeit with two side platforms that can only each accommodate two cars. The entrances are in partical places with a single staircase down to each at their northern ends from the north side of Fordham Road with a bus shelter on the street protecting the same single TVM that existed in 2005 albeit with the payphone removed.

Later in 2005 (starting by June) the station was renovated and has a similar design to Melrose. Entrance staircases were restored to Tremont Avenue, but the number of cars that can platform was reduced to only two. The new staircases are made of steel and look modern and are covered. Along the platform are unique lampposts each holding up two light fixtures. For waiting passengers there is nothing, just an exposed platform except for the staircase and a few benches.
Photos 1-22: 21 February, 2005; 23-30: 19 March, 2005; 31: 20 June, 2005; 32-39: 13 January, 2012; 40-42: 25 July, 2015

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Looking down the southbound platform from the overpass of Tremont Avenue
Looking down the northbound platform from the overpass of Tremont Avenue
After walking the block down Park Avenue to 182nd Street, we reach the signs on the entrance to the northbound platform
To White Pains, Southeast, and Wassaic, Track 3
The short narrow wooden staircase down to the northbound platform at Tremont
A New Haven Line train of M2/4/6s bypasses Tremont in the snow
Looking down the snow covered platforms with not too many foot prints at Tremont
The only platform sign on the northbound platform, on the wall of the open-cut at Tremont
The only concrete bench covered in snow on the on Northbound platform at Tremont
Looking across to the inbound platform at Tremont to the single recycling center
A New Haven Line Train of M2/4s bypasses Tremont
A New Haven Line Train of M2/4s bypasses Tremont
A New Haven Line Train of M2/4s bypasses Tremont
Looking under the bridge Tremont Avenue uses to pass over the open-cut
Underneath Tremont's Avenue Overpass. The platform ends with a Warning: Danger No Trespassing Sign
The view south down the snow covered platform at Tremont
A New Haven Line train of M2/4/6s enters Tremont to bypass it.
A New Haven Line train of M2/4/6s going under the overpass of Tremont Avenue
Park Avenue slopes down towards track level after the Tremont Avenue Overpass; this makes the staircases down to the platform at 176 Street so short
Tracks covered in packed snow at Tremont
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