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Scarsdale is an important stop on the Harlem Line for two reasons. First, it is the most southern stop with only two tracks, just before Crestwood and the third express track begins. Second it has service from both the standard 2 trains per hour local trains, plus extra off-peak service from a third express train that doesn't run every hour from Southeast but in hours that have a second train, these trains provide a non-stop ride to Harlem-125 Street (a 20 minute trip). The station has two side platforms that run roughly between under the overpass of Popham Road to the Bronx River Parkway at its northern end. The station was renovated in 1991 and received accessible platform access but no real accessible route between the platforms, until a unique solution opened in 2016.

The station has a Tudor-revival station house built in 1902. It is located along the Grand Central-bound platform, this station house is along a drop off loop accessed by a dead end beyond Garth Road and behind a building. The Tudor style house has a highly hipped and Spanish tiled green roof. The main door is behind an awning that once provided a covered entrance for carriage access. Inside is a small waiting area with white tiled walls and cream trim. There are some wooden benches along the walls. The ticket office is open for one shift in the weekday mornings.

Attached to the ticket office is a covered walkway from a porch to a staircase (under construction in 2005) that has been done to look like the depot with a green roof, this leads to the main pedestrian bridge and to the parking area above the northbound platform. The northbound platform is located fully below grade in an embankment down with a grassy knoll and trees. The overpass arrives at a long canopied drop-off area including a few buildings for concessions. One is a Starbucks. Some staircases and an elevator lead down to the northbound platform.

There are three other unique connections between the platforms. Walkways lead off the southern ends of each platforms. These lead to a 700 space-parking garage on the New York-bound side of the tracks. The New York-bound platform has a normal entrance. On the northbound platform a staircase leads up to a pedestrian overpass to the third story of the garage. Next are staircases down from north side of the overpass of Popham Road. Finally in 2016 a more accessible route between the two platforms opened as a unique solution. This consists of a ramp up from the northern end of the New York-bound platform to a walkway alongside the Bronx River Parkway's bridge over Metro-North. This leads to an entrance along East Parkway where passengers can then head to the elevator down to the northbound platform.
Photos: 15 September, 2015

Art For Transit at Tuckahoe

Arts For Transit at Scarsdale

Travelers, 1991
Coorten Steel Sculptures
By Tom Nussbaum

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A northbound local train of M1s to North White Plains leaves Scarsdale.
A platform sign at Scarsdale
Looking down Track 1's platform at Scarsdale
The signs next to the staircase to Track 2 on Pompham Road's overpass, and the southern most point of the platforms
The station house and turnaround area with the Bronx River beyond
An M7a train bound for New York enters Scarsdale
An M7a bound for New York at Scarsdale
An M7a bound for New York at Scarsdale
An M7a bound for New York just south of Scarsdale
Looking down the station platforms from the Bronx River Parkway, the construction site will become a ramp
Another view from the Bronx River parkway of the station platforms before the new pedestrian sidewalk here. Taken during a car free day for bikes on the Parkway
A parking garage near the station trying to look like a normal building
The entrance area to the station house and the drop-off loop
The historic station house and modern overpass structure in the same style
The two narrow for modern cars modern drop off area
The main door into the station inside the covered entrance
The station plaza including a Duken Donuts in the shops inside it
Inside the no longer really functional station drop off area
The small ticket office and waiting room
The ramp up to the New York-bound platform
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