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Purdy's is a simple Metro-North Station along the Upper Harlem Line. The station is located along the west side of I-684 with trees providing enough cover that that the expressway isn't as visible as at other stations along this line. The stop has a single 8-car long island platform that begins a short ways south of the overpass of NYS-116 (Purdys Road) at Exit 7 (a southbound on-ramp, and northbound off-ramp only) and runs south. The island platform has a single enclosed pedestrian bridge with a single elevator and staircase leading to the 400 space parking lot. A small canopy covers about two cars heading north from the staircase, otherwise the platform is exposed. Near the entrance to the parking lot is a small brick building containing a dry cleaners (that appears to be a drop-off/pick-up location with the cleaning done offsite) that also serves coffee in the morning. The only vehicle entrance to the parking lot and station is a long driveway that curves around from the southern side of the parking lot and up to NYS-116 that is higher than the parking lot for it's bridge across the train tracks and I-684. There is also a staircase from the northern edge of the parking lot up to the bridge area for faster pedestrian access to the small village center of Purdy's just east of the station.
All Photos: 15 September, 2015

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Shoreliner 'Westchester'
A Diesel train to Wassaic stops
Exhaust from the P32AC-DM locomotive rises as a diesel train to Wassaic continues north
Shoreliner Cab Car #6310 brings up the rear of a Wassaic-bound diesel train
Shoreliner Cab Car #6310 crosses under NYS-116 leaving the station
A shelter at the end of the platform canopy
A Metro-North information triangle and the staircase off the platform
Platform view from the pedestrian bridge
TVMs in the overpass
The side of the brick station house turned private business
The platform staircase entrance
The dry cleaners that also has coffee
Parking and the platform behind
Cars parked beyond the platform
The enclosed staircase up to the platform
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<Harlem Line<Purdy's
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