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A platform sign on the To Croton-Harmon platform at Glenwood with 1912 etched into the concrete, I guess this was when the station was built.
An eight car M7a train running towards Grand Central approaches Glenwood to bypass it.
M7a #4234 leads a southbound train of M7as towards Grand Central as it bypasses Glenwood.
A close up shot of M7a #4234 bypassing Glenwood.
M7a #4119 is the back of an express train to Grand Central bypassing Glenwood.
A train of M7as continues to bypass Glenwood.
P32AC-DM Dual-mode Genesis Locomotive #702 leads Empire Service train #237 enroute to Albany making only two intermediate stops at Hudson and Rhinecliff into Glenwood passing M7a #4119 running on the express track southbound.
P32AC-DM Dual-mode Genesis Locomotive #702 continues to bypass Glenwood.
Amtrak P32AC-DM Dual-mode Genesis Locomotive #702 and Empire Service Express train #237 with 5 Amfleet cars (4 coaches, one for business class) bypasses Glenwood.
CDOT 'New Haven' P32AC-DM #229 leads a northbound train for Poughkeepsie towards Glenwood to bypass it.
CDOT 'New Haven' P32AC-DM #229 and a Poughkeepsie bound train of Metro-North Shoreliner III coaches bypass Glenwood.
CDOT 'New Haven' P32AC-DM #229 bypasses Glenwood running northbound, the black and red livery of the locomotive is a stark contrast to the blue stripe on the Metro-North owned Shoreliner III coaches.
Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6306 is the last car of a Poughkeepsie-bound express train just north of Glenwood.
Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6306 and the rest of a train entirely of Shoreliner cars go around the curve just north of Glenwood.
A northbound local train of M7as approaches Glenwood picking up some dirt from the track bed or smoke as it approahces the station going around a curve.
A local train of M7as enters Glenwood.
A wide-angled view of a local train of M7as entering Glenwood, the overpass between the platforms casting it's shadow from above.
A local train of M7as leaves Glenwood.
Looking down the tracks towards the overpass from the northern end of the New York platform at Glenwood.
A Grand Central-bound local train of M7as appraoches the New York platform at Glenwood to stop.
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<Hudson Line<Glenwood<Photos Page 2
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