M7A Photos in Croton-Harmon Open House

m71 m73 m74
(m71) Looking down a passageway between tracks in the croton harmon shops, an M3 is on the left and an M7A on the right
(m72) Looking up at M7A #4307 in the Croton-Harmon Shops (m73) The small "Watch the Gap" message on the step outside each door (m74) The American flags and 5 stars on LIRR's M7s there is also the "We serve with Pride" underneath MNR's M7s don't have it
m75 m76 m77 m78
(m75) The Metro-North railroad text to the right of a bumper on the end of a car (m76) Looking down the floor of a cab with the door open into the passenger compartment (m77) The undercarriage of an M7A (m78) The coupling between the two cars of a two car set
m79 m710 m79
(m79) Looking down a passageway with M7As on either side
(m710) M7A #4323
(m711) A model of an M7A on display

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