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Brewster is the first stop in Putnam County on the Harlem Line. It is the second to last stop northbound on the electrified portion of the line and has the normal island platform that opened in 1984 for electrification. The stop has connecting bus service (on HARTransit CityBus Route 3) to Danbury during the middle of weekdays hourly from 9:30am to 2:30pm, this means an easy railfan's train riding loop can be made via Danbury (something your webmaster did twice in the early days of this website).

The current station has a single island platform that begins just south of the grade-crossing of Ellen Avenue (with no platform access) and runs south, accommodating just four cars. At the corner of Ellen Avenue and Main Street is the historic Tudor style 1931 station house, that is now the Dining Car cafe and across from a clock in the historic town center. A single pedestrian bridge with an elevator and staircase at each end towards middle of the platform provides all platform access. The entrance staircase is at the southern end of the historic depot with canopies providing coverage to all platform access. Passengers on the platform have a small, canopied area extending from the staircase.
All Photos: 20 June, 2005

M7a #4122 on the back of a train bound for South East leaves Brewster
M7a #4122 on the back of a train bound for South East runs north of Brewster
M7a #4180 on leads a New York-bound express (it will run non-stop after White Plains)
M7a #4180 on leads a New York bound express (it will run non-stop after White Plains) enters Brewster, going over the level crossing just north of the platform.
M7a #4057 stopped at Brewster, the conductor looks out to close the doors
A Metro-North Railroad Brewster sign
Looking down the southbound track at Brewster
The elevator from the main parking lot
Home<New York Area<Metro-North<Harlem Line<Brewster
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