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Home<Boston MBTA<Orange Line<Ruggles
Home<Boston MBTA<Commuter Rail<Ruggles

Ruggles is a major station for Northeastern University and bus connections. The main mezzanine of the station has a high arched glass ceiling and feels airy and straight out of the 1980s when the station was built. Coming from the east it begins with a staircase up from Southwest Corridor Park a short ways away from Tremont Street. First there are a few staircases down to one set of bus platforms. This is followed by the Commuter Rail platform with a long high-level island platform so only two of the three tracks of the Northeast Corridor can platform here accessed via a staircase, up escalator/staircase and elevator from the central mezzanine. The northern end of the platform is closed off by a plywood fence. Train service is fairly frequent with many (but not close to all) trains on the Franklin, Needham, and Providence/Stonington Lines stopping. Back to the concourse next are the faregates and entrance to the Orange Line, its island platform is accessed via two staircases/up escalators and an elevator. The Orange Line platform at its southern end has an additional exit to Ruggles Street via a staircase up to a high turnstile. The mezzanine's western end is to another bus loop platform and staircases up escalators and an elevator down to Forsyth Street and Northeastern's Main Campus.
Photos 1-17 taken on 28 June, 2011, 18-33 on 15 December, 2011

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A northbound train leaves
A northbound train continues leaving
Looking across from the Orange Line to a Commuter Rail Train boarding
A closed portion of the commuter rail platform extends north
Exiting to the main concourse
The western station entrance from Northeastern
Stairs, escalator or elevator up from Northeastern's entrance?
The long upper concourse with multiple bus bay areas
The eastern exit from the long concourse
The wide staircase up to the eastern entrance to the concourse
The eastern bus loops
Above the orange line platform
Inside fare control for the orange line
Looking across to the portion of the commuter rail platform still closed for repair
A plaque for Justin E. Power III who lost his life working on the rails
The gradual staircase up to the exit to Ruggles Street
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Home<Boston MBTA<Commuter Rail<Ruggles
Home<Boston MBTA<Orange Line<Ruggles
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