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Riverway is an in-traffic street stop Green Line 'E' Branch station located on Huntington Avenue. The stop is located just outbound of the intersection where Huntington Avenue curves away from Boylston St. The outbound platform has just a single trolley stop sign on a pole, the inbound is marked by a T-post, trolley stop sign, a more substantial overhanging alerting motorist of Trolley Stop Caution, Yield to Pedestrians, and another affirming that rule as the state law.
All photos taken on 29 June, 2011

The inbound T post
An Inbound Type-8 LRV #3860 approaches to stop
Type-7 LRV #3610A stops, traffic yielding
Type-8 LRV #3860 leaves Mission Park
The outbound trolley stop sign, shelter in front of the Mission Park Apartment Building
Another view of the outbound stop
Outbound Type-7 LRV #3617 approaches Mission Park
An outbound train bypasses Mission Park (no passengers have requested the stop)
A Bus passes an outbound 2 car train
Outbound Type-8 LRV #3834 near Mission Park
Type-7 LRV #3649 stops
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