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Boston North Station is slightly smaller and less impressive counterpart to its grand second Boston Station South Station on the southern side of downtown. These two stations are completely separated from each other and proposals to build a north-south rail link have been rejected due to cost. This makes the Amtrak Downeaster the only line that is completely segregated from the rest of the Amtrak system. Amtrak will sell you a ticket from a Maine/New Hampshire destination to any station in the Amtrak System; you will just have to take a 'self-transfer' as the reservation system blocks it via taxi or the Orange Line (via Back Bay) at your own expense between stations. It also gives MBTA Commuter Rail two completely separate non-connected operations between north and south. There is a slow and complicated routing around Boston that is used by MBTA and Amtrak for equipment moves.

The passengers amenities at North Station itself are quite small for a downtown terminus. Its waiting area, small ticket office, and a few restaurants/concessions are located in a shared lobby with the Boston Garden that is above it. These in turn lead to doors out to the ten station tracks (5 island platforms) where the trains end at this dead-end station beginning at bumper-blocks. Most of the platform lengths are exposed to the elements except for those right near the station entrance due to the Boston Garden Above, there are highway overpasses (ramps to I-93 that cross above the tracks). All trains run with their locomotives on the away from Boston end of the trains (Amtrak as well, using a Cabbage former F40 NPCU control unit at the other end) to avoid diesel fumes beneath the Garden.
Photos 1-11 taken on 23 August, 2009, 12-19 on 15 December, 2011, 20-29 on 10 August, 2013, 30-52: 22 August, 2013, 53-55: 3 August, 2014

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Getting off the Downeaster
A platform sign on track 9
Passengers leave the Amfleets of the Downeaster
Approaching the Downeasters Cabbage Car
Cabbage (Non-Powered Control Unit) #90220 has in Downeaster Livery, just arrived in Boston
A small add to 'Take the train to Maine' at the exit of the Downeaster platform
The modern LED display board for both MBTA and Amtrak trains, its a weekend so service is light
The modern bullets for the entrances to tracks 9 and 10
The small ticket counter and office. There not Amtrak tickets but Downeaster tickets (they look the same as regular Amtrak tickets)
The small concourse at North Station
An entrance to the Boston Garden directly in North Station
The track and platform entrances
TD Garden signage dominates that for North Station with just a small sign to the exit to Causeway Street
The main waiting area
Doors into the station, a display lists the tracks of the next commuter rail departures via train number, not time
The west entrance to North Station
The walkway to the west entrance to North Station beyond some garden ticket windows
Getting off the Downeaster on Track 9
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Home<Amtrak<Boston - North Station, MA
Home<Boston MBTA<Commuter Rail<North Station
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