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Westbury is a local stop on the two-track Main Line (listed in the Port Jefferson Branch Timetable). The station has two 12-car side high-level side platforms that were built in the late 1960s in preparation for electrification but have received some further modernizations in the early 2000s. The platforms begin at the overpass of Post Avenue that trains cross over on a bridge and the station is raised on an embankment and run east. The New York-bound platform is along Union Avenue a story below it and this street has the station's two-story station house. This building was built in 1914. The exterior of this building is a brick base supporting a cream colored upper structure with a gabled roof. The first story houses a newsstand and another office. The second story is at platform level (the roof overhangs the platform) and contains the station's ticket office open for one shift weekday mornings (6:10am to 1:45pm) and is open for comfort from 5:00am to 10:00pm weekdays until only 2:00pm on weekends. The waiting room has wood paneling but modern lighting, any history probably destroyed in the late 1960s when the station received its high-level platforms. Beneath this, in the middle of the station house, is a pedestrian tunnel under the platform (at the same level as the street) to the parking lot on the opposite side of the tracks. At the sides of the station house are two staircases that arrive at the platforms to small porches attached to the station house. These have purple banisters to blend in. Additional access to this platform is provided by a 1970s ramp just east of the station house and two more staircases down to Union Avenue, one near each end of the platform. The platform contains one 1970s silver waiting shelter for use when the station is closed.

The Points East-bound platform is above the station's main parking lot. This lot i and parallel Railroad Avenue ending (at some industry) about a quarter of the way from the eastern end of the platform. The platforms amenities include a modern shelter structure painted in a cream color with the modern information panels in front. Inside are windscreens on four sides but no benches. There is one older 1970s silver waiting shelter towards the eastern end. Access is provided by a total of 5 staircases down to the parking lot. One of these is along the underpass of Post Avenue and is at made of concrete and leads up to track level before a short staircase up to the modern level of the high-level platform. There is also an ADA ramp up right near the pedestrian tunnel.
Photos 1-6: 2 December, 2011, 7-13: 21 September, 2012, 14-57: 11 November, 2013

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The sun has nearly fully set at Westbury on a winter evening
The main station house and modern shelter across from it
The station house
A parking lot and the platform above
The waiting room and ticket office with a wood paneled interior
The dark two story station house
The nicer modern shelter on the Points East Platform
DM30AC #501 leads a train through the station
DM30AC #500 brings up the rear
The underpass through the ground floor of the station house
Looking down the block to the Westbury Station
A staircase up to the outbound platform
A concrete staircase that pre-dates the high-level platform (it goes up to a ground-level and another staircase)
The main parking lot
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