Stony Brook is located in Suffolk County, near the Long Island Sound (due north of Ronkonkoma) 55.1* miles away from Penn Station on the Port Jefferson Branch one stop from Port Jefferson (The terminus) in zone 10 (One-way vending machine off peak $8.25). The station is unelectrified but the platform is quite long (about 6 cars) all service is from bi-level diseal hybrids. Service is fairly frequent with trains about every hour anpd a half during normal hours (many more during the Peaks). Most trains require a transfer to electric at Huntington or Hicksville. Some weekday trains run into Jamaica, some rush hour trains are extended to Hunterspoint Avenue. Most trains depart from Platform B (the side not along the station house) for easy connection to SUNY Stony Brook and buses to it.


(all photos by Jeremiah Cox on 8 February, 2003)

(stony1) A Port Jefferson Bound (locomotive scene here) train crosses a level crossing just after stopping at Stony Brook (stony2) Stony Brook has a heated station house with restrooms, TVMs (ticket vending machines) are outside. (stony3) Looking down platform A at Stony Brook (stony4) A platform sign at Stony Brook
(stony5) Looking west from the overpass at Stony Brook (stony6) Looking down platform B at Stony Brook (stony7) Signs for Stony Brook and SUNY Stony Brook on a platform.  

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*Distance is from the MTA Website
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