Shea Stadium

Shea Stadium is open for special events only, when the Mets are playing or when the U.S. open is in session. The station is on the bridge leading from Willets Point-Shead Stadium (7) to Flushing Medows-Corona Park. In between the stations is the Casey Stangle Bus Depo and the Corona Subway Yard. The station is two island platforms and all trains stop when it is in use.


(shea1) Looking down at Shea Stadium. Since the station is closed the platforms have not been shoveled. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 7 December, 2003 (shea2) The entrance to Shea Stadium. I do not know if tickets are collected here. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 7 December, 2003  
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Last Updated: 15 January, 2004
*Information from the MTA Website
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