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Oakdale is a stop on the Montauk Branch. The station has two modern, high-level side platforms that are connected only by the grade crossing of Oakdale-Bohemia Road about two cars from the ends of parallel platforms. These platforms were built just before 2000 to accommodate the new C3 cars. The platforms each have green railings. The Points East platform is completely bare; only the New York-bound platform has two windscreened enclosed shelters for waiting passengers with cream and maroon colored windscreens. Between the grade crossing and Points East-bound platform is a historic 1890 brick station house with a chimney and high-gabled roof. An attached porch extends between the station house and grade crossing. The station's two TVMs are here. Inside is a small waiting room with grey and blue walls, two restrooms and old wooden black benches along the walls, plus a brick fireplace. There is also a former ticket office. Just west of the station is a brick building that is a former freight warehouse and is now used by the LIRR for storage. Parking is along each platform: the main lot is along the Points east platform between it and Norman DeMot Park, a smaller lot is along the New York-bound platform before Montauk Blvd loops around from its intersection with Oakdale-Bohemia Road and runs parallel to the western end of the platform.
All Photos: 20 June, 2014

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Across from the town green next to the station
Across from the main parking lot
This grade-crossing is the only connection between the platforms
Walkway to the Points East Platform and TVMs past the station house
Sign by the walkway for Points East
The porches of the station house are under construction
The TVMs with wooden frames around them allowing access during construction
The two TVMs under the porches of the station house
A door into the station house (sign says it closes at 2:00pm, it was still open later then that)
Inside the station house with pale blue walls
A fireplace
The restrooms in a corner (the ticket window is behind) lighting is unoriginal
Platform side of the station house
The platforms start just beyond it
The ramp up to the Points East Platform
One side of the redbrick station house
The Points East Platform has no amenities for waiting passengers
Across from a shelter on the New York platform
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Montauk Line<Oakdale
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