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Northport is a stop on the diesel Port Jefferson Branch with a single track that has a single high-level platform on its north side built around 1985 for the C1 dual-mode prototypes. This platform is full length and can accommodate 12 cars. It was slightly modernized at some point with new black lampposts added but no other modifications. The only amenities for waiting passengers on platform are two-silver canopy structures. In the middle of the platform is a simple concrete pedestrian bridge with a chain-linked fence over the span of the overpass. This pedestrian bridge leads to the southside parking lot. It crosses over space along the ROW for a south track at has a small intermediate landing at the level of a regular high-level platform so a second platform for the second track could have been added without rebuilding the overpass. This parking lot is accessed from parallel 10 Avenue with a number of driveway entrances.

There is also a large parking lot along the actual platform with entrances at each end, from Monmouth Court and also a loop from Belrose Avenue where connecting Suffolk Transit Route 41 and routes H4 and H6, operated by Huntington Area Rapid Transit (the other municipal bus operator on Long Island is Long Beach Bus). Between the bus loop and the eastern end of the platform is the station's circa 1910 two-story station house. The first story is all brick and the second is painted a cream color with windows poking out of the steep gabled roof. On each side of the station the roof continues a short distance held up by brick pillars covering the station's TVMs. Beneath these roofs are the station's TVMs. Inside the station house is a small waiting area and ticket office closed in 1996. There is also a newsstand in one corner of the waiting room (without its own enclosure) so the station is always staffed, albeit by the proprietor of the newsstand.

The platform ends just beyond the station house with its ramp, this leads to a sidewalk along the track, past a small village green before the grade crossing of Vernon Valley Road and to a walkway along the opposite side of the track to the start of the south parking lot.
All Photos: 27 May, 2014

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Sign at the entrance to the south parking lot, town parking stickers required
The south parking lot and platform across the fence
Looking above the fence to the high-level platform to the single track
A decrepit shelter
The concrete overpass structure
Looking across to the pedestrian bridge (with a provision to a second track)
The south parking lot across the platform
Cars parked across from the platform
The overpass structure, notice the fact it stops at the level of a possible second platform
Space for a second track and platform
Sign on the provision for another platform
Stairs of the simple pedestrian bridge
Starting up the pedestrian bridge
The single track with its high-level platform and parking on each side
The platform and full parking lot beyond it
Ariel view of the platform from the pedestrian bridge
Sign for the Overpass to Parking & 10 Av for the bridge
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Port Jefferson Branch<Northport
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