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Murray Hill is a simple Port Washington Line station located where the line is in an open cut still in the nitty-gritty of Flushing with mainly apartment buildings around the station. The stop has two side platforms for the two track line with simple concrete walls on the side of the cut, access to the station is via two staircases up from each platform, one is canopied and leads up to a canopied wire-meshed walled overpass that connects the platforms, the other staircase leads up exposed to the small plaza above the station. The station sits within a square formed by 149th Place to the west and 150th Street to the east; both of these streets cross over the tracks and station at either end, providing the only protection from the weather on the platforms. The platforms have no canopies. To the north is Barton Ave (a block, long street), and south 41 Avenue. The station two TVMs located in a shelter on the New York-bound side of the station overpass
All photos of this station taken on 13 June, 2011
A portion of the small concrete plaza above the station
One end of the station's bridge with a decorative roof structure that says LIRR Murray Hill on it in a strange all-caps font
Looking down to the New York-bound, simple concrete platform in the side of the open-cut
A sign for the platform to New York
The TVMs
The New York-bound side of the station overpass
On the secondary uncanopied staircase to the New York-bound platform
Beneath one of the street overpasses on a station platform
The canopy structure and second staircase to the Port Washington-bound platform
Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Port Washington Branch<Murray Hill
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