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Merillon Avenue is a main line local station although both tracks of the two track line do platform making express trains zoom by passengers waiting for a train. Only one train an hour during weekends and off peak hours stops, with more frequent service during peak hours. Most trains that stop are locals on the Port Jefferson Branch from Huntington but some peak hour Ronkonkama Branch trains do stop at the station. The two side platforms are extremely simple and are basically at grade level with short staircases up to their high level heights. The platforms are connected only by Nassau Blvd's underpass beneath the tracks at their eastern ends and staircases lead directly down to this street. Alongside the Points East platform (although certain peak direction trips do wrong rail to provide more service, this rail line is basically at capacity right now, there is a proposal to put in a third track) are numerous staircases and the required ADA ramp that connect the platform to parking along Main Avenue (which Merillon Avenue becomes when it hits Nassau Blvd). The New York platform has a small parking lot (with free parking) towards the Nassau Blvd end (the exit from the parking lot is to Atlantic Avenue) where this platform's only access is via a couple staircases. A tiny modular looking brick structure is the only one in the station and one side of it is opened forming an awning where the stations TVMs are. Both platforms are also uncanopied the only place for passengers to wait for trains are in shelters along the platforms (there three on the New York platform and one on the points east platform).

As the 5:33 evening peak local train to Hicksville was arriving in this station on December 7, 1993 the Long Island Railroad Massacre occured. Colin Ferguson went on a "Black Rage" rampage against white commuters killing 6 passengers and injured 19. Memorial Wreaths are often found on the eastbound platform. I visited the station right after Christmas and unaware of the tragedy (I am just too young to remember it) assumed they were simply Christmas decorations until reading about the Massacre on a good Wikipedia Article. A wreath was first lade to commemorate the first year anniversary of the massacre by a group of victims that became friends and supported each other undergoing counseling for the incident (N.R. Kleinfield, "A Year Later, the Demons Remain; Fear Still Haunts LIRR Shooting Survivors," NY Times, December 7, 1994, Link).

All photos in this section taken on 4 January, 2011

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Two station name sings each in a different font
The staircase and bridge over Nassau Blvd
Looking across to the station's only structure with the TVMs inside it
Wreaths on the platform in honor of the victims of Long Island Rail Road Massacre
The winter sun is slowly setting
The only shelter for waiting passengers
The western platform end
A snowdrift behind the sings for platform instructions
staircase from only underpass area to New York platform
The station's only building
A ramp
The TVMs
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Main Line<Merillon Avenue
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