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Mattituck is a simple station stop on the Greenport Line. It consists of a single modern high-level platform built in about 1999 that can only fit a car and a half. This modern platform is located just east of the grade-crossing of Westphalia Avenue in the village center of Mattituck. It has a single staircase and a ramp up to it from a parking lot with about 20 spaces, along Pike Street. This parking lot extends east of the platform a short ways to the next grade crossing of Love Lane. The platform has the usual green railings and a small waiting area enclosed by windscreens with brown and cream framework that have a small canopy extending over a tiny portion of the platform.
1-12: 29 December, 2003, 13-16: 5 June, 2005

A level crossing just before Mattituck.
Approaching Mattituck from the level crossing.
A staircase up to the modern high-level platform at one end latform sign on the eastbound platform at Farmingdale with the station parking lot in the background
The name and directions sign accross from the platform along the tracks at Mattituck
Looking east (across the level crossing) from Mattituck.
A Mattituck platform sign
A Mattituck sign and information wall with fares and secheduals
Looking west (towards NY) from Mattituck
The inside of the inclosed waiting area with no heat at Mattituck
A train going towards NY approaches Mattituck
A train going towards NY is about to enter Mattituck
A C-3 bi-level coach passes entering Mattituck (the locomotive is on the other end, Car number: 5021s)
The two car Greenport Shuttle train leaves Mattituck bound for Greenport, the locomotive is a Diesel DE-30
C-3 #5012 on the back of a two car shuttle train bound for Greenport
Looking down the short platform at Mattituck at a new digital sign currently being tested
C-3 #5012 bound for Ronkonkoma on the shuttle enters Mattituck
Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Greenport Shuttle<Mattituck
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