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Looking down the platform at Mastic Shirley a train of C3 bi-level cars unloads its passengers.
18 May, 2008
Looking up to the high level platform from street level at Mastic Shirley, the station is extremely crowded beacuse of bike riders doing the 65-mile portion of the Montalk Century, and all of them came out on this train.
18 May, 2008
Bike riders scream off the train and into the parking lot at Mastic Shirley, trucks await the riders with their bikes.
18 May, 2008
Looking up towards the high-level platform at EMD DM30AC Diesel Locomotive #512 and a Speonk-bound train leave Mastic Shirley.
18 May, 2008
A train that has just terminated of C3s curves off the main line into the yard
18 May, 2008
Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Montauk Line<Mastic-Shirley
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