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Manhasset is a station on the single tracked portion of the Port Washington Branch meaning it has just one platform located in an open cut that can fit up to ten cars. The platforms many entrances and exits and undercrossing of busy Plandome Road in the middle of the station makes it used by the community not just to board trains but also as a neighborhood shortcut. The platform tour starts from its western end where a pathway leads off of Nassau Avenue (just after its fork from Park Avenue) between parking lots and houses to a staircase down to track level. From here a walkway leads for about two car lengths to the western end of the platform. There is than a pink and cream painted modern shelter structure (the platforms railings are all this pink color) before a staircase up to the eastern side of Plandome Roads overpass. Next on the eastside of Plandome Road is the stations parking lot, which is a bit offset by a grassy hill from the platform and its three story station house, allowing the bottom story at platform level to have windows out to this hillside. The public portions of this station house (open from 4:45am to 9pm) are quite unusual; a bridge leads off from the parking to an entrance at the second level where restrooms, the ticket office is (open one AM shift from 6:10am to 1:45pm) and an interior staircase leads down to the level of the platform, where there is a second waiting room with benches and a newsstand directly inside the station house. Doors than lead out to the canopied platform, there is also a florist set into the side of the station house whose only entrance is from the platform. A ramp is provided for ADA access along with a few other staircases up to the parking lot and the platform ends beneath it.
All photos of this station taken on 13 June, 2011
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The entrance to the parking lot at Manhasset with its large station house from Plandome Road
The staircase from the east side of Plandome Road
On the platform passengers wait for trains, with a staircase up to the parking lot and canopy
The facing platform sign in some trees at Manhasset
The upper level of the station house over looking the parking lot with its bridges across to doors allowing the lower story alongside the platform to have windows
The upper level has the ticket window
The ticket window and street entrance
The interior staircase down to the lower level
The lower-level waiting area has a newsstand
The bottom of the decently long ramp down from the parking lot
The large parking lot
A enclosed waiting shelter on the platform has a blank passenger information center and a bench facing away from the tracks
Another platform staircase at an end of the canopied area
The walkway to the platform at its extreme eastern end
The staircase down
The walkway to the platform from its western entrance
The western end of the platform
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Port Washington Branch<Manhasset
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