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The Hempstead Station is the terminus of the Hempstead Branch and is located across the street from the Hempstead-Rosa Parks Transit Center, a major transfer point for 19 bus routes operated by MTA Long Island Bus. It is also the only place where MVMs can be found in Long Island. The station itself has a four-track two island paltform terminal with all the tracks ending in bumper blocks. Alongside the eastern portion of the terminal tracks there is also the four-track electrified Hempstead Yard. To the western side of the station is the stops parking lot. Access to the station is primarily provided by from the end of the platforms beyond the bumper blocks, here a decent sized building is found with the station's waiting room and ticket office. Continuing through the passageway beyond the main outdoor plaza entrance is where there is the Art's For Transit Sculpture, in a small outdoor plaza and the main very short staircases (and ADA ramps) down to Columbia Street across from the Transit Center. There is a secondary entrance passageway to the east side of the station along the bumper blocks of the small train yard to Morrell Street. About two thirds of the way from northern end of the platforms there is a simple bridge that connects to both platforms with two staircases down to them along with one staircase down into the parking lot. The two platforms and connecting sidewalks are fully canopied from the station house at their bumper blocks to this bridge but beyond this bridge the platforms are simply exposed to the elements.

All photos of this station unless otherwise noted were taken on 4 January, 2011

Art For Transit at Hempstead

Arts For Transit at Hempstead

Lost and Found: An Excavation Project, 2005

Cast bronze sculpture and seating in plaza

By Ron Baron

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M3 #9802 terminates in Hempstead
11 December, 2004
The distance between M3 #9802 and the buffer in Hempstead
11 December, 2004
M7 #7022 in Hempstead terminating
11 December, 2004
View to the station from the parking lot
11 December, 2004
Sign at entrance to transit center across the street
Looking across the street from the transit center to the train station
The main outdoor plaza up to the station from the street
M7 #7436 stopped along some of the platforms at Hempstead
Exterior doors of the station house and train crew quarters
The modern light and airy station house at Hempstead
The bus station is viewable behind the main station plaza
Platform A for tracks 7 and 8, the tracks start with 1, 2, 3, and 4 inside the train yard
Looking down empty tracks and into the train yard
Tracks 1 through 4 in the train yard
The secondary bridge across to the parking lot
The exposed end of the platform with just its lampposts
The roof of an M7 viewed from the overpass
The staircase to the overpass bridge from the parking lot
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Rail Road<Hempstead Branch<Hempstead
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