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Garden City is located in the middle of the downtown of one of the older railroad commuting suburbs to New York City. The stop is located at a grade in the middle town. There are two grade crossings at either end of the stations two-side platforms for the two- track line. Hilton Avenue is at the eastern end of the station and low-level paths along each platform lead to the ramp and short staircase up to the high-level platform. Cathedral Avenue is at the other end of platforms and they end almost directly before its grade crossing. There is some parking around both of the platforms. In the middle of the Hempstead-bound platform in the same style as the station house is a gabled roof except it covers an outdoor area with some benches and a small building which is a taxi dispatcher. This area is attached to a small underpass with staircases at either end to a similar area set behind the New York platform at ground level. This is where the meticulously restored station house is with a roofed over porch where the station's TVMs are. The inside of the station house has wood paneled lower walls with green painted upper walls, some standard MTA wooden don't lie down on me benches, and restrooms. There is also a restored fireplace and Garden City 1898-2006 and a historic LIRR logo tiled into the marble floor. The ticket office was closed in 1996. The outside is pink brick with a shingled gabled roof and green columns. Just east of the station the line becomes a single track and another non-passenger branch, which is the Garden City secondary leaves the line. The train line also curves south.

All photos of this station taken on 4 January, 2011

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The main line curving to reach the Garden City secondary
The Garden City Secondary covered in snow
The platforms viewed from Hilton Avenue, notice the approaching walkways
The ramps at the end of the platforms
M7 #7329 leads a New York train towards Garden City
M7 #7329 continues to approach Garden City
M7 #7329 continues leading an approaching train into Garden City
M7 #7436 and a New York train leaves
M7 #7436 leaves Garden City
M7 #7436 almost has fully left Garden City
The large and old station house viewed from across the street
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Rail Road<Hempstead Branch<Garden City
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Last Updated:15 January, 2011
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