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Far Rockaway is the terminus of the LIRR Far Rockaway Line which is electrified. The station is located back in Queens on the beginning of the Rockaway Peninsula. The station is 3 blocks away from the Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue A Subway Station. The area around the station is surrounded by junkyards and warehouses and there is a housing project just north of the station. Since trains run via Nassau County the stop is the only one in Queens in the higher fare zone 4 (one of two fare zones in Nassau County). CityTickets are also not accepted from the station, making a one-way off peak ticket from Far Rockaway to Flatbush Avenue (the off-peak terminal of the hourly base Far Rockaway branch trains) or Penn Station cost $8 off-peak, $11 peak for the 53 minute (weekend timing with the transfer at Jamaica) . For comparison the A train is scheduled at 1 hour and 3 minutes for the same trip. After Superstorm Sandy destroyed the A train's connection from the Rockaways there was no attempt to offer reduced fares and increase LIRR service for Rockaways residents.

The station is located at ground level with two terminating tracks at has one long, narrow terminal island platform that can accommodate 10 cars. Just north of the station are switches and the tiny, 3 track Far Rockaway Yard. The platform is exposed to the elements except for a simple grey canopy that covers the two cars closest to the bumper blocks at the end of the platform. It is at these bumper blocks that a ramp and stairs lead down in front of a pink walled station house with a flat white roof. This station house sits with the end of the tracks on one side and Nameoke Avenue on the other. I assume the building was probably built in the 1950s under the project that cut the LIRR back to Far Rockaway when the City and subway took over the Rockaways Line. The building had a ticket office until it closed in 1996. It remained open as a waiting area for a few more years (I assume until 2:00pm) but I presume vandalism of the station and in the area caused the MTA to close to the unstaffed waiting room and today the station house the station is one of the only on the LIRR that exists and is never open. Mesh gates also surround the windows. All tickets must be purhased from two TVMs in a shelter on the south side of the station house that also provides all access around it to the platform. Here there is also the only entrance to a small, free paring lot that extends and is nestled parallel to the length of the train platform.

Photos 1-10 taken on 22 December, 2004, 11-33 on 24 April, 2013

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The uncovered windows of the station house
M7 #7284 on track 2 hiding behind the accessible ramp to the Platform
M7 #7226 on track 1 at Far Rockaway
Looking down the narrow platform at Far Rockaway, there are two M7s in the station on either track
M7 #7284 on track 2 at Far Rockaway
The buffer on M7 #7284 on track 2 at Far Rockaway
M7 #7226 on track 1 at Far Rockaway.
M7 #7226 on track 1 at Far Rockaway
The station house end of the Far Rockaway platform and entrance into the waiting area
The narrow platform after the canopy has ended
Looking across the street to the pink station house and platform beyond
The gated off door into the now permanently closed waiting room
The steps up to the narrow island platform at its end
M7 #7608
A train on the curving exposed end of the station
Looking back to the end of the steel platform canopy
Walking towards the pink station house
Looking across an empty lot to the platform
Looking through gates at the platform and end of the canopy
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Rail Road<Far Rockaway Branch<Far Rockaway
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