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East Rockaway is a simple two-track LIRR station on the Long Beach Branch that lacks a station house. The stop has two 10 car silver fenced side platforms, for waiting passengers there is a single silver shelter on the Long Beach-bound platform and two on the westbound platform but no other canopies. The platforms run between the grade crossings of Atlantic Avenue (southern end) to Ocean Avenue crossing the narrow Mill River (really more of a stream) in between on a wooden open bridge for the railroad tracks and the platforms supported by concrete piers. This bridge isn't enclosed allowing passengers to look through the track bed and under the opposite platform seeing water. The platform walls do change from low silver fences to full eight foot high chain-link fences to make it much harder to jump off the platform. Access is provided from the grade crossings at each end of the station. The Atlantic Avenue end has only a single staircase up to each platform at the very end of the platform, there are parking lots around each platform entrance but these are only for local businesses including a Pathmark. The Ocean Avenue end has small parking lots along each platform alongside the river with a combination of permit and daily parking meters. A single ramp and staircase leads up to each platform. This is also where the stations only TVMs are located in a kiosk at the entrance to the Westbound platform.
All Photos taken on 1 March, 2013

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Sign on the old fencing at the Atlantic Avenue grade crossing entrance to the station
Walkway to the southern end of the Long Branch-bound platform
Sign for Platform B Long Beach and to go all the way around to the other end of the paltforms for the ramps
The station house at Oceanside, the ticket office is still open during the AM peak.
Just shelters for waiting passengers
Inside the shelter on the Long Beach-bound platform
Yes a river flows under the station
The River view along and through the tracks and platforms
Looking down through the wooden track bed and onto the water beneath
Water behind the New York-bound platform
The fencing becomes full height, this makes it harder to jump into the river
Approaching the northern ADA end of the platforms
The ramp off the Long Beach-bound platform
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Long Beach Branch<East Rockaway
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