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Douglaston is an LIRR station located in extremely eastern Queens that feels like it is already in a suburban town and not NYC. The stop has two side platforms for the two tracked line, each is an extremely simple 10 car high level platform with just a few silver enclosed areas for waiting passengers (when the station waiting room is closed) and some benches. Access to the Port Washington-bound platform is from circle at the end of 235th Street or Douglaston Street (two maps have different names) that ends to a parking lot alongside this platform that is staffed by an attendant of Park Right charging $7 a day, who has little shelter and is required by the management company to ware a tie. He looked quite hot in the summer heat when I visited the station. There are few staircases and a ramp up the short distance to the high-level platform. This is connected to the Manhattan-bound platform by a narrow underpass with a single staircase down from each platform, it has a small brick enclosure at both ends. On the New York-bound platform it leads up to a small brick single story station house with unusual blue seats for waiting passengers and a sealed, closed ticket window. This modern station house was built in 1962 replacing a grand 1887 Queen Anne depot and is at street level alongside 41 Avenue (Forgotten New York entry). Short staircases and a ramp lead up to the level of the high platform. This platform also has a staircase at its eastern end with a vintage looking railing that leads up to Douglaston Parkway's overpass.

All photos of this station taken on 13 June, 2011

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The loop at the end of Douglaston Street, or 219 Street (depending upon the map you look at) the parking lot is in the background
Ramp to the Port Washington-bound platform
The only platform shelter, small metal enclosed waiting areas
The Port Washington-bound platform viewed from the parking area
Entrance to the small underpass
Inside the underpass
Passengers wait for a train outside of the unusual station house that looks out of the 1950s
Station house interior
Another interior view
Doors out to the street and Douglaston's little shopping district
Stairs or ramp? up to the New York-bound platform
Back of the brick station house
Staircase to the underpass to the Port Jefferson-bound platform
The other portal of the underpass
The top of the station house is almost at the level of the platform
Is this still NYC?
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Port Washington Branch<Douglaston
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Last Updated:17 January, 2011
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