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Cedarhurst has two high-level side platforms that were built around 1968 when the M1s were introduced that required this. The two platforms run south from the grade crossing of Cedarhurst Avenue in the village center to the grade crossing with Washington Avenue. The platforms only wheelchair ramps are at their southern ends to Washington Avenue. This is a design flaw because all other station amenities are towards the northern end of the platforms, where there are quite a few staircases down off of them. These includes the main parking lot along the Far Rockaway-bound platform. The New York-bound platform has a vintage looking clock and the small depot building with a green shingled roof that was built in 1913 (Trains are Fun, LIRR Station History). It is open weekdays from 4:30am to 2:00pm (MTA station page) and had an agent until August 2009 (TrainTalk Archive). Right outside at street level in a shelter are the station's two TVMs. Across from this depot is a similar looking building along the Far Rockaway-bound platform that is now owned by the Village of Cedarhurst and serves a non-train function. The only other form of shelter for waiting passengers is a metal and plexiglass one along each platform.

All photos taken on 3 January, 2011

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The station platforms are barely visible one grade crossing beyond
A Atlantic Terminal-bound train enters to stop
The vintage station clock
An Atlantic Terminal-bound train leaves
M7 #7384 is the last car of a Atlantic Terminal-bound train leaving
The station across from the Cedarhurst Avenue grade crossing
The clock and a staircase up to the platform
Two staircases go different directions at the end of the Far Rockaway-bound platform
The second building in the same design as the actual depot behind the Far Rockaway-bound platform
Modern font Cedarhurst letters above the old LIRR logo when it was owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad
Cedarhurst is engraved in mosaic in the floor, beneath the closed ticket window
Two benches and a door into the bathroom is the rest of the depots amenities
The depot just beneath the New York-bound platform
The one amenity, a shelter for waiting passengers on the Far Rockaway-bound platform
A Cedarhurst sign and one exit
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Rail Road<Far Rockaway Branch<Cedarhurst
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