Babylon is located just into Suffolk Couty and is the terminal of electric service of the South Shore Line. Trains continue out to Montalk via a diesel bi-levels only. The station is also a transfer point between electrics and diesel bi-levels to points farther east. The station is located on a concreate el structure which has the station ticked office and some shops underneath but is mostly open to pedestrians. The station has three tracks with two platfroms between them. Some diesel service to Montalk and Patchough is provided by shuttle trainsfrom here. This is the transfer point to electrics. On others trains run non-stop from here to Jamiaca. Most trains originating in Montalk bypass the station altogether running non-stop to Jamaica.

babylon1 babylon2 babylon3
(babylon1) A station sign on the bricks enclosing an elevator shaft at Babylon. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 22 May, 2005 (babylon2) M7 #7301 leaves Babylon. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 22 May, 2005 (babylon3) A mini station sign on the edge of the viaduct at Babylon. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 22 May, 2005

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