Intervale Avenue

Intervale Avenue is a local stop on the Lower White Plains Road Elevated Line. It has become the unique egg of the line, as it is the only station left that has corrugated metal windscreens. All other stations on the line have been renovated in the past five years, having all traces of their corrugated metal windscreens removed and replaced by the new green windscreen design. Intervale Avenue hasn't been touched because it was fully rebuilt in the early '90s after an arson fire burned the station mezzanine down on March 15, 1989 as 3 men tried to rob the token booth. The MTA attempted to use the fire as an attempt to close the station permanently (the stations on the White Plains Road Line are very close together), after community uproar the station was fully rebuilt and modernized, re-opening on April 21, 1992*. The modern standards at the time were fully corrugated windscreens that encompass both platforms blocking all views of the surrounding area. Large modern speakers are placed above the windscreens at regular intervals. Lights are of the squarish early '90s design. The station mezzanine has the similar boring design. The station will stand out as the station on the line with corrugated windscreens for years to come.
The stop is also unqiue because it is by far the highest on the lower portion of the line, this is due to the fact that Invale Avenue is located in a small valley in the hilly Brnox and subway buildings didn't want the elevated to dip in it. To leave the station each platform has a single staircase down to a small mezzanie area with glass squares allowing diffused light to enter the station. To exit the street level there is are street stairs to the NE and NW corners of Westchester Avenue and Intervale Avenue (Westchester Avenue at this point is going SW to NE, but Intervale goes due north to south). There is also an escalator for entering passengers only that is closed (in January 2010) temperarily on the NE corner it has the standard buidling built around it with some glass windows.

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(intervalen21) A R142 5 train leaves Intervale Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 January, 2005 (intervalen22) Two R142 trains pass each other at the entrance to Intervale Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 January, 2005 (intervalen23) Looking down the corrugated windscreen that snakes it's way along the platform wall at Intervale Avenue. There is some snow along the edge. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 January, 2005 (intervalen24) Looking down the old fashioned sandpaper warning strip at Intervale Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 January, 2005
(intervalen25) R142 #6970 enters Intervale Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 January, 2005

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METRO DATELINES; 3 Men Burn Station In a Failed Robbery, March 16, 1989
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