Burke Avenue (2/5)

Burke Avenue is a local stop on the White Plains Road Line that has been recently renovated in the mid-2000s. It has a basically identical layout except for the artwork to Allerton Avenue the next stop north. The station has two side platforms as a local stop on the three tracked line. These platforms are canopied with green and cream colored windscreens for their midsections with plenty of sections of mesh allowing views off to the surrounding streets and exposed platforms with about a four foot high fence with lampposts at each end. As the photos show before renovations the stop was fully windscreened so the surrounding neighborhood couldn't be seen at all. To exit the station two staircases lead down to decent sized station house beneath the track. There are two High Exit Only Turnstiles next to the staircases down from the Wakefield-bound platform followed by the token booth on the outside of fare controls fence followed by the bank of 3 turnstiles. Most of the walls of the station house for the 3 sides that are outside of fare control have glass windows allowing natural light to enter the building. This is except in the middle of the station house, facing the turnstiles is a non-public room that has a cuved wall (that gives the impression it is curving out from the walls of the building) and a welcoming turquoise tiled wall facing the turnstiles. Exits from the station are to doors out directly from the station house to wide street stairs catty-corner to each other at the NW and SE corners of Burke Avenue and White Plains Road.

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(burken21) A downtown R142A 2 train leaves Burke Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 4 April, 2004 (burken22) Looking down the temperary platform for downtown trains at Burke Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 4 April, 2004 (burken23) The closed downtown platform at Burke Avenue. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 4 April, 2004 (burken24) An end of the northbound platform at Burke Avenue Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 4 April, 2004

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