63 Street/Lexington Avenue (F)
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63 Street Track Map Tracks and Platforms Built Before 1989
63 Street Line Tracks and Platforms: Opened For Service on October 29, 1989
63 Street Connector: Opened For some Service January 2001; Full Service: December 16, 2001
The Planned Tracks and nearby stations of the 2nd Avenue Subway. This section is re-drawn from the MTA's Plans. MTA says it will open by 2020
63 Street Area Track Map
Lexington Avenue/63 Street is an unfinished station. If the 2 Avenue subway is ever built the orange tiled platform walls will be removed, and the built tracks beyond them will be used. The train line that would use the tracks will run from 125 St/Park Av to Brooklyn via Broadway and 2 Avenue. (A map on the MTA website shows it as the Q) This is also probably why the station is stacked and doesn't have just an island platform. Past the switches, the sidings can be used. The bell mouths of where the Second Avenue Subway will switch onto the F tracks towards Queens are clearly visible
Floor Plan

Station Description & Photos
(All Photos by Jeremiah Cox on 22 July, 2003)

(lexf1.jpg) I got off an uptown train at Lexington Av-63 St, I saw this seat.
(lexf2.jpg) I walked down the platform
(lexf3.jpg) I got to the nearest staircase, witch went no where useful, just to the Upper Level's Downtown Platform. The two staircases between the platforms were built because Lexington Avenue-63 Street may one day become a transfer point if the Second Avenue subway is ever built
(lexf4.jpg) On the downtown platform a train is entering
(lexf5.jpg) I finally reach the exit from the platform, witch is this at the western end of each platform
(lexf6.jpg) A short escalator ride up I get to the first (Lowest) mezzanine, stairs/escalators meet coming from both the platforms
(lexf7.jpg) The escalators to street go on both sides of the escalators to the downtown platform
(lexf8.jpg) Looking down from the second (middle) mezzanine. The escalator in the opposite direction to the downtown platform can be scene.
(lexf9.jpg) The final escalator/stairs before getting to the upper mezzanine where fare control is.
(lexf10.jpg) Exiting the last escalator, there is a short passageway before the turnstiles. (there are 5, the elevator has its own two turnstiles and a special entry gate, the token both is between them). Then there is a rarity on the subway, escalators directly to the street.


About Lexington Avenue-63rd Street

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