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Times Square is the only People Mover Station with more than one track. It has an island platform that forms a bit of a V with the main track on the west side and a shorter platform on the east which ends at a garage-type door into the maintenance and storage facility for the system, located in a non-descript white building. The stop has a single entrance through some doors at the SE corner of Park Place and Grand River Avenue alongside the Rosa Parks Transit Center and Times Square named after the former home of the Detroit Times. The walls of the entrance are glass and signs advertise for people to come and ride the Detroit People Mover. This entrance leads to the turnstiles at street level and up to an elevator and up escalator/staircase that comes to an intermediate landing before continuing up to the platform. There is an emergency exit staircase at the northern end of the platform to the NE corner of Grand River Avenue and Park Place/Times Square.
Artwork is In Honor of W. Hawkins Ferry by Tom Phardel and Pewabic Pottery. It is a bright mural of pottery along the stairwell up to the station platform.
All photos taken on 28 October, 2011

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Looking out the window of a train approaching the station
Entering the station with a roof held up by many pillars
A view of a station across a parking lot
The station across Grand River Avenue
The emergency staircase
Close up of the signs to take the people mover
The doors into the station
Approaching the turnstiles at the entrance
The one Token machine with a sign above saying to buy all now to avoid long lines (I've yet to see one, perhaps after a sporting event)
Artwork in front of the turnstiles
The four turnstiles
The staircase/narrow up escalator with its artwork
The colorful artwork on the middle landing
On the triangular island platform
Platform signage
The elevator and staircase to leave the station
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