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The Joe Lewis Arena Station is the people mover station designed to handle the most crowds. The single platform even has two separate banks of turnstiles at each end of the platform (the only people mover station with this set up). One set leads to a staircase and the other a wide ramp and elevator (that goes all the way down to street level). The wide concrete orange ramp that feels like it could be in any older stadium or arena and leads to a central mezzanine area just beneath the platform where the ramp only (no faster stairs) leads with two switchbacks down to street level along the west side of Steve Yzerman Drive. The central mezzanine also has a direct overpass to the Joe Lewis Arena home to the NHL's Detroit Red Wings across Steve Yzerman Drive, a ramp to two parking garages and two strange looking high turnstiles that lead to the Riverfront Apartments, with tenants only signs.
Artwork: Voyage by Gerome Kamrowski is a mosaic mural at one end of the platform
All photos taken on 28 October, 2011

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SkyTrain runs along the Detroit River towards the arena
The large station structure across from the arena
The overpass from the station to the arena
Sign for the station from the street
Approaching the ramp up into the station
The elevator up from street level
Starting up the wide ramp to the platform
An intermediate elevator landing
Just keep going up towards the platform
At the upper landing just beneath the platform, where the overpass to the arena is, there is finally also a staircase
Sign for the station at the upper landing just beneath the platform, the LED display says Go Tigers, recently eliminated from the MLB Playoffs
High Turnstiles lead to a private condo development
The high turnstiles to a condo development
Another ramp
Outside one of the ramps to the stadium, the concrete people mover guideway is visible
The concrete guideway curves around in the area of the arena
Looking up the upper staircase to the DPM platform
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