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Grand Circus Park exit was originally into the David Whitney Building that opened in 1914 but when that building was closed (it is awaiting redevelopment) the people mover turned the original non-public emergency staircase at the SE corner of Park Avenue and Washington Blvd into the entrance with the staircase leading up to new turnstiles directly on the platform. A much simpler emergency staircase was added later that looks temporary and is exposed to the elements. The station is also lacking an elevator (it was built with one inside the David Whitney Building and signs warn wheelchair passengers that they must get off at either of the adjacent stations). The stop is across from Grand Circus Park where the Occupy Detroit protests were happening in October 2011. It also serves Comerica Park, Ford Field and the Detroit Opera House.
The stop has simple artwork: Catching Up by J. Seward Johnson, Jr., just a bronze bust of a man reading a newspaper.
All photos taken on 28 October, 2011

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Looking out the window of a train entering the station
The new emergency exit and turnstiles beyond
Catching Up
The WADL train leaves the station
A train leaves the station passing 3 major Detroit institutions: Ford Field: home of the Football Lions, Comerica Park: home of the Baseball Tigers, and the Detroit Opera House: home of the Michigan Opera Theatre
These doors were the original station entrance and now lead into an abandoned building
The exposed staircase
Platform sings, notice the arabic
Tents from occupy Detroit beyond the platform
The three turnstiles, this station is the only one with them directly on the platform
Looking down to the doors out to the street
Sign that the stop no longer has an elevator
The doors into the station at the former emergency exit
The new, very simple emergency exit
The doors to the abandoned David Whitney Building at the station
Looking across to the station
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