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Westmoor St is a special events 'station' used when there is an important sports event at Notre Dame Stadium. The stop is used to provide an efficient way to get fans off of trains and onto buses for the ride across town without being constrained by the short under 3 car long platform at South Bend Airport. The stop has no signs or amenities, trains simply stop on the ROW to the airport along low-traffic Westmoor Street just before they curve onto Bendix Drive across from the Honeywell Plant (that has a few pedestrian grade-crossings for Honeywell workers to access their cars in the parking lot across the street and train tracks). Buses line up along Westmoor Street adjacent to the train track. Conductors deploy the train traps and let passengers off, the same process is reversed for fans returning from games to head back to Chicago, buses arrive and fans get on a special (or regularly scheduled train to Chicago). When I visited before the 2019 NHL Winter Classic game at Notre Dame Stadium between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Burien’s, Cardinal buses (Transpo doesn't run on New Years Day, and wasn't providing special event service) were lined up two deep on the wrong side of wide Westmoor Street waiting for fans to arrive on the incoming train before heading to the stadium.

This stop has been used on and off for shuttle buses (operated by Transpo until 2008 when private operators had to be allowed to take over 'private shuttle' service) to Notre Dame football games but as of at least the 2016 season, Transpo buses have been running connecting buses to football games from the South Bend Airport Station.
Photos 1-2: 1 January, 2019 on a vist by automobile

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Approaching the Westmoor St. stop buses in the distance wait for an arriving train
3 Cardinal buses wait for arriving NHL fans. 2 are parked facing the wrong direction, the street still open for regular vehicular traffic
One of the pedestrian grade-crossings in the middle of the stop for Honeywell employees to access their parking lot
A regularly scheduled South Shore Line Train approaches that will stop
Buses stop facing the wrong direction on Westmoor St.
MU #42 passes the buses it will connect with
MU #42 continues to come to a stop at Westmoor St.
Blackhawks and Burins fans get off an arriving train to Transfer to charter buses to attend the 2019 NHL Winter Classic
Fans walk in the middle of Westmoor St. to board Cardinal buses to the Hockey game
Fans board the over a dozen Cardinal buses lined up get them across town to Notre Dame Stadium
Fans lining up to board buses at Westmoor St.
Passengers walk in the middle of Westmoor Street, still open to traffic, getting off a South Shore Line train that has just stopped
Westmoor St, temporarily crowded with NHL fans boarding buses
The font of a stopping South Shore train and connecting buses
MU #42 stops at Westmoor St
MU #42 stops at Westmoor St for connecting bus service to Notre Dame Stadium
MU #42 pulls out of Westmoor St
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Home<Chicagoland<South Shore Line<South Bend-Westmoor St (Special Events)
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Last Updated: 1 January, 2019
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