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Miller is the easternmost of 3 stations in Gary and serves a neighborhood of this city. During summer weekends the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore offers a connecting shuttle bus to the Douglas Nature Center and nearby beaches. There is also connecting bus service on the L2 route that parallels the South Shore Line running to Gary Metro Center (and continuing to serve neighborhoods east of the station) running hourly. The station was proposed to be closed in 2007 as part of continued project to consolidate South Shore stations but community opposition overruled it, and the station has remained opened and as part of the Double Track NWI project will be rebuilt with high-level platforms and siding facilities so that South Shore trains that currently terminate at Gary will be extended to Miller, providing more frequent service.

The current station has a single low-level side platform along the southernmost and only electrified track with the mainline running along a connecting freight track that leads to a freight line the South Shore Line crosses over east of the station. This platform begins at the grade-crossing of Lake Street and runs west, accommodating about 7 cars. Along the platform, is a small drop-off and accessible parking area just off Highway 12, the Dunes Highway, and adjacent to this drop-off is a shelter structure. This structure has tan bricks holding up a Spanish tile roof. The structure covers an outdoor seating area and a small indoor seating area with a door. Leaving the shelter structure a pedestrian crosswalk leads across Dunes Highway (US-12) to the station's main 198 space parking lot located on a square parcel of land between two buildings and stretching south to Melton Road (US-20) with driveways into the lot from both of these State highways. There is an additional narrow parking lot with a single lane for 50 angle parked cars that begins beyond the station canopy structure entrance (overlapping briefly with the platform) and extends west between the Dunes Highway and station tracks.
Photo 1: 5 May, 2018; 3-41: 14 June, 2018

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Looking out the a stopped train at a platform sign and accessible parking spaces
MU #32 stops at Miller leading an Chicago-bound train
MU #43 leaves Miller to continue to Chicago
Looking back towards the small station platform from the smaller along the tracks parking lot
A few steps up to the eastern end of the platform
Looking across Dunes Highway to the main station parking lot
A Miller platform sign and parking across Dunes Highway
One end of the station's shelter structure
Looking towards the Eastern end of the platform
A sign across from the shelter
Outdoor, non-enclosed seating
The small enclosed heated seating area (and TVMs)
TVMs and a bench in the enclosed seating area
The sidewalk of the drop off area, just a curb leads up to the platform
A short ramp leads up to the platform's canopy structure
Cars in the accessible parking spaces along the platform
The Lake Street grade-crossing
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