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Hegewisch is a very unique South Shore Station, and the only stop served only by the South Shore Line in Illinois within the City of Chicago. The platform and parking lots of the station are owned by Metra so fares to this station are set by Metra, and service to the station is subsidized by Metra on South Shore Line trains. The station was renovated in made wheelchair accessible in the early 1990s and has two high-level platforms along guantlet track. There is a side platform used by trains heading to Chicago on Track 1 this platform is completely canopied. It also 3 enclosed waiting shelters along it. The quasi-island platform with a fence to block it from the opposite track is used by Indiana-bound trains and is mostly open to the elements except for shelters over the ramps up to it at each end that provide access to the pedestrian-grade crossings to the platform. The Chicago-bound platform also has 3 enclosed shelters with benches for waiting passengers. Just southeast of the modern platforms is the large brick station house with a gabled roof. The station runs along Brainard Avenue, with paid parking in a narrow lot between the tracks and street, and further parking in a larger lot across Brainard Avenue (and a freight track spur) near Burnham Avenue.
All photos taken on 17 September, 2016 on a visit by bicycle

The western ramps up to the two platforms
The guantlet track of Track #2
Looking down the ramp off Track #1 to the pedestrain crossing off the platform
The platform for Track #2 or Indiana-bound trains is mostly just a line of lampposts, waiting for an evening train back to South Bend
Across from a shelter on the Track #2 platform.
Home<Chicagoland<South Shore Line<Hegewisch
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All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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